Top 10 Development and Design Articles

Here is our weekly tech digest based on our 10 most engaged tweets about Development and Design :)

#1 Store your Nodejs application logs to Minio

Logging remains one of the major concerns among developers. Typically, various components like the web servers, databases store logs at different locations... read more


#2 Learn Node.js with Brigadier Fluffykins part I: sync, async, and creating your first server!

Welcome to Part I of Learn Node.js With Brigadier Fluffykins, a series created to help you easily understand Node.js ❤ A new adventure has arrived!... read more


#3 Solving the delayed AngularJS UI rendering server-side with Rails

We’ve now been writing some awesome AngularJS code at BuildZoom for nearly a year. It’s helped us release great features faster and provided for a significant... read more



#4 Uploading images to AWS S3 in Swift with a Node backend

Many apps require some sort of image-upload functionality, but implementing this means solving a few different problems. The developer must... read more


#5 Why MEAN stack is a great technology choice for new startups?

Most non-technical founders are puzzled when presented with so many technology choices for developing their ideas.Most pros will agree that the... read more


#6 jQuery & CSS3 navigation hover effects tutorials

A simple navigation with hover transitions; CSS3 hover effect using :after Psuedo Element; Simple CSS3 navigation hover effect... read more


#7 How to do OCR in Ruby on OSX

Few words about what Tesseract is. Tesseract is an open-source OCR library, which was initially developed by Hewlett Packard, and in 2005 it was released as... read more


#8 Percy enables continuous visual integration for webapps

Unlike other services that are limited to only testing staging servers or live sites, Percy integrates directly into your test suite and development workflow... read more



#9 Tip for Beginning Android Development

Java is Android’s main programming language. Learn object-oriented programming concepts, Java language fundamentals, including packages, classes... read more



#10 The JavaScript language reboot is done

The year 2015 was pretty tiring in the JavaScript world. This was widely acknowledged and read to JavaScript Fatigue being “a thing” and there were memes... read more


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