JSCS — JavaScript Code Style

JSCS is a code style linter/formatter for programmatically enforcing your style guide. You can configure JSCS for your project/company using over 150 validation rules, including presets from popular style guides like jQuery, Airbnb, Google, and more.

npm install jscs -g

JSCS checks your JavaScript

jscs file.js --preset=airbnb

JSCS has built-in presets to check your code against. Or you can create your own and share them as npm packages.


Support for ES2015, JSX, Flow, and more

jscs src --esnext

JSCS can lint any valid Babel code.

Automatically fix your errors

jscs src --fix

Automatically create your configuration file

jscs --auto-configure src

Base your own config off of the closet preset to your own style.

Use JSCS with your favorite tools

Support for grunt, gulp, sublime, atom, etc

Source: http://jscs.info/