We are looking for IT professionals willing to work with cross-functional teams for the development of challenging web-based applications. If you are willing to join us please send your CV to  jobs@agileactors.com including the Job opening title in the subject line.

Our current job openings are: 

Web development Specialist

Agile Actors is looking for talented  and passionate Wed Developers . The successful candidates will work in cross-functional teams of skilled professionals within the organizations Agile Actors partners with. They will be involved in the front end development in order to enhance or maintain financial line-of-business applications. 

Candidates should have:

  • 2 or more years of working experience in front-end Web Development
  • Good understanding of the JavaScript language constructs  
  • Web development expertise including HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript 
  • Expertise with JQuery and angular.js
  • Any expertise with the following tools/frameworks will be further appreciated:
    • bootstrap, backbone.js, marionnette.js
    • Java and/or .net Web development 
    • JavaScript unit testing tools and practices