Agile Actors introduces a series of courses in the context of agile practices for software development and for organizations that face the challenge of an agile model transformation.

Professional Scrum Trainings

Regarding the Agile Software Development our trainings include the Scrum framework, which is currently the most widely adopted Agile Framework for developing complex projects.

The following Professional Scrum Courses are available:

  • Professional Scrum Foundations (PSF)
  • Professional Scrum Master (PSM)
  • Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO)

Our instructors are senior certified trainers and the certifications are also provided by the upon the successful completion of the appropriate online tests.

Management 3.0

The Management 3.0 course targets organizations that face the challenge of an agile model and mindset transformation. 

As described by Jurgen Apelo: " The Management 3.0 events aim at leaders and knowledge workers who are trying to be more agile and lean in their approach to management. The courses and workshops typically draw a mix of team leaders, development managers, directors, agile coaches, HR managers, project managers, and creative workers."